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Meet The Team At Rosetone

Welcome to Rosetone, a family-run business putting relationships at the heart of everything we do. When you buy or hire from us, you’ll deal with a dedicated account manager who can guide you through the whole process. We’re also on hand to offer design advice and help you choose fabrics and wood finishes.

Michelle Wells - Rosetone

Michelle Wells, Sales Director

Rosetone is in my blood. Founded by my parents, Rosemary and Tony, over 30 years ago, it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since joining the business in 2007, and now running it as sales director with my husband and children, I’ve loved every aspect of what we represent.

In my role, I’m ultimately responsible for the success of the business; day-to-day, I love nothing more than chatting to our customers, discussing orders and catching up on hospitality industry news. I also work on our sales forecasts and oversee some of our larger projects. It’s important to me to spend time in every department throughout the week so I am always up to speed.

Our relationships with customers make the job so enjoyable; we’ve worked with some for so long, they’ve become good friends. When anyone asks me if I enjoy my job, I can honestly say it never feels like a job. What better place to be, than at my desk, working alongside my family. It’s perfect.

If I had to choose a piece of Rosetone furniture which sums up my personality, it would have to be the Bedmond chair. Providing wrap-around comfort all day long, yet totally practical.

Andy Wells, Production Director


I joined Rosetone a few years after Michelle in 2010 and helping to grow the business over the past decade has been immensely enjoyable and rewarding. My background in production allows me to have a major input into the manufacturing side of the business, working alongside our entire factory team.


Managing the successful introduction of our robotic sprayer in 2018 was my most significant project to date. It’s really helped speed up the chair production process, to such an extent that we’re now focused on how to add automation into other areas of the business. I never underestimate the importance of having the right systems in place across the business; we know this is the key to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.


Choosing a piece of our furniture which best suits my personality is easy. It would have to be the Dior chair. Expensive with a touch of class, but great value for money.

Warren Goodley - Rosetone

Warren Goodley, Operations and Sales Manager

My background – of over 15 years – is in hospitality, including a stint in Australia and then on to London working in Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. This exposure to the sector has given me tremendous insights into helping customers choose furniture for venues, often similar to those I worked in. Being able to instinctively see everything from the customers’ point of view is crucial to my role.

Which piece of furniture sums up my personality? I’d have to say one of our rustic tables. Solid as a rock and always performing at my best when outdoors.

Averil Goodley - Rosetone

Averil Goodley, Hires and Financial Manager

In 2012, I joined Rosetone and have been privileged to work alongside many brides and grooms preparing for one of the most momentous events in their life. I also love working with venue wedding co-ordinators who have the amazing job of creating dream days for their clients. The weddings industry is always upbeat and joyful and I love the fact that it’s also my job.

When asked to choose a piece of Rosetone furniture which represents my personality, I instantly knew the answer. It’s the children’s Chiavari – cute, petite and the baby of the family.

Jordan Wells - Rosetone

Jordan Wells, Transport and H&S Manager

I also joined Rosetone in 2012 along with Averil and my knowledge of the industry and our business has grown exponentially. The most rewarding part of my job is overseeing all the logistics throughout the UK and across Europe. Seeing images of our furniture in settings across Europe – and sometimes the world – is immensely gratifying.

When it comes to my personality and the piece of Rosetone furniture I’m most like, I’d say I’m solid with a touch of class but everyone can afford me – the French Louis chair.

Lewis Gentle - Rosetone

Lewis Gentle, Production Manager

My forte is quality control and I oversee all production coming and going throughout our UK factories. I’m a stickler for detail and my aim is that nothing leaves Rosetone’s factories looking less than perfect. Proof of my commitment is in the high number of referrals we receive daily – it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Since I’m relatively new to the business, I guess the piece of furniture which best suits my personality is the Malone – the newest kid on the block, but now the most popular.

Shaun French - Rosetone

Shaun French, Warehouse and Production

 Working with wood is one of the most rewarding jobs I could imagine so when this opportunity came up to join the warehouse production team at Rosetone, I jumped at the chance. Every day is different, working with a new piece of furniture, sanding, smoothing, repairing or varnishing. Starting with the raw wood and transforming it into a beautiful, finished object for someone to enjoy is an amazing feeling.

 After work has finished, you’ll often find me socializing with colleagues and friends in the pub, so if I had to choose a piece of Rosetone furniture which sums up my personality it is the Diana Crossback chair. She always looks completely at home in a pub!

Lewis Gentle - Rosetone

Frankie, Security

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