Why Restoring Your Furniture and Our Own is Important to Us.

At Rosetone, we’ve always listened to our clients and customers. We believe it’s important to understand what they need and want to be able to offer them the service that you’re looking for.

Over the years we’ve had numerous requests for bespoke colour finishes, matching new furniture to old and for bespoke chair and furniture repairs and refurbishment.

With many event furniture hire businesses, you may only be given the option of a new replacement for a broken chair or be stuck with their stock colours and finishes. For sales, you may then have to wait 6-8 weeks while the furniture is sprayed to your colour requirements and shipped to the UK from source, crossing your fingers that they will match your existing colour scheme on arrival.

What makes Rosetone different?

We have our own in-house spray booth, robot and upholstery departments in our UK based (Bedfordshire) warehouse. From here, we spray over 4500 chairs and make up to 1500 seat pads a week – new, refurbished and our own hire stock.

What does this mean for our customers?

First of all, peace-of-mind. No more waiting for 6-8 weeks, fingers crossed for a colour match. If you’re purchasing new chairs (from our extensive stock) this means a quick turn-around and delivery (in the colour and seat pad finish of your choice). If you are hiring for a last-minute event, we can offer you the bespoke colour seating of your choice, when you need it and how you want it.

We’re able to match over 1700 BS paint colours, colour match any wood stained finish and have dozens of fabrics in numerous colours seat for pad finishing, so matching existing furniture or matching your colour scheme shouldn’t be a problem.

Have You Thought About Restoring YOUR Furniture?

Surprisingly, not everyone has. New chairs don’t have to be the only option, especially when budgets are tight. Replacement of one or two broken chairs won’t make those left chipped look any better either.

The first few months of the new year are always our busiest for furniture and chair restoration. After a busy Christmas and New Year, companies such as marquee and furniture hirers, large and small hotel chains send us their party casualties and every day, every occasion damaged chairs to be restored. After they have been through our workshops, our restorations leave their furniture looking fresh and ready for the next 12 months.

Broken, damaged, chipped or ripped, most furniture can be repaired, and often, more cost-effective than you may think. If you are thinking about the environment as well as your budget, refurbishing helps with both. We offer four different levels of service which suits everyone’s needs.

Some of the furniture coming into our repair centre does need that little bit of extra care.

Water damaged furniture or furniture that has not been refurbished for a long time, needn’t be a problem.

Some chairs may need to be prepared by heavily sanding and a number of lacquer coats applied to take them back to their former glory, whereas others may only require a light sanding to key a fresh coat of lacquer. Take a look at the four levels of service available on our furniture repairs page for further information.

h ttps://www.rosetone.co.uk/furniture-repairs

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